The interaction with machines made our daily life easier, faster and more efficient. Despite the rapid growth of technology, machines could not yet replace a simple smile, but now we have Face-o-mat. Face-o-mat is Tobias Gutmann's portrait machine that happened to travel all over Europe, Japan and Tanzania. The social portrait-booth was originally made of cardboard found in the trash, but has been upgraded to MDF to better withstand traveling. Since December 2012 Face-o-mat has produced over 900 portraits. In 2013 Face-o-mat won gold in the swedish illustration competition 'Kolla!' and got nominated for the Swiss Design Awards in 2014. www.tobiasgutmann.ch

Face-o-mat is the social portrait machine by Tobias Gutmann that happened to travel 46’740 km, from Stockholm to Milan, Dar es Salaam, Tokyo, London, Copenhagen, Basel, Frankfurt and Madrid to produce over 1000 faces.